Month: June 2016

Commercial Property Auctions for the Newbie

commercial-property-auctionWhen acquiring assets, investors need not only be smart. They too must be cunning and resourceful in their ways. There are many methods by which one can purchase a real estate asset for their business and that includes commercial property auctions.

But the thing is many entrepreneurs are not familiar with it. Although some are, they don’t know how to tread the waters so they end up not trying. But today’s your lucky day as we’ve asked experts about their fool proof tricks and below are some of the tips they so gladly dished out. Take a look!

    • Try not to act excessively obvious. You want to be hard to read for both sellers and co-bidders alike otherwise they can use it against you. Do not by any chance disclose your financial capacities and limits too. As they say, keep your cards as close to your chest as possible.
    • Don’t bid on your first auction. This tip may sound ironic but it has its reasons. According to exports, a great bidder is someone who is a great observer. During your first one, be an observer o you get a vibe of how things work. You have to familiarize yourself with the procedures, processes and tactics so that you don’t end up looking, feeling and acting lost.
    • Keep your cash on the ready. Ascertain the amount of finances you have as well as their timing of approval, release and arrival. Commercial property auctions will require security deposits and upright down payments so failure to have funds at the ready is plain silly. If you can’t comply with the requirements even if you are the winning bidder, you’ll lose by default and others will attempt to get the asset from your grip.

  • Have the property examined. In fact, go ahead and visit it. Before an auction, brochures and informational material are provided for and they hold details about the properties being auctioned off. This allows you to have them examined by a property surveyor to check up on their true market value, condition, structural integrity, useful life, ongoing costs and more.
  • Research is king. Make sure to know how properties are valued and sold in the market. As much as you can score things lower than their fairly estimated worth in commercial property auctions, you can likewise be inclined to spending far more than that if you don’t have the right information. To get rid of such oversight, canvass and compare the prices of similar assets.

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