Floor Options for Your UK Investment Property

floor tilesDid you just find yourself a UK investment property? Now regardless if you’re buying or renting, selling or leasing out, living or doing business, one of the biggest decisions and expenses you’ll ever face will have something to do with floors. Because they literally take quite the entire expanse of the asset, sometimes even in multiples when stories are involved, it is important to come prepared. Besides, the right type for the right space can easily add monetary value to the investment.

Now the type of floors to pick for your UK investment property depends on many factors which includes the asset’s function, the rooms where they are intended to be placed, the preferred design style, budget, short or long term use, and comfort among others. Below is a list of popular options in the market today and their accompanying strengths.


One of the more popular options today given their ease in maintenance and versatility, tiles come in ceramic, porcelain or stone. A favorite in kitchens and baths for their resistance to moisture and spills, they are also available in a number of shapes, designs and sizes to fit and cater to varying tastes. Tired of the usual tiles look but want their perks? Get creative with patterns like the chevron and herringbone.


A classic choice, hardwood also resist water and stands up against spills. They’re a traditional and timeless choice too.¬†Oak, ash, cherry and walnut are popular hardwood floor variants. Their only downside perhaps is that they can be a bit more expensive in comparison.


Aside from being soft and comfortable to walk on, linoleum resists water, heat and scratching. It is likewise antibacterial, durable and easy to clean. Compared to the others on this list, it is by far the cheapest and the most rent friendly. They’re the easiest and fastest to install as well.


Nothing beats bamboo floors in a UK investment property when it comes to rustic-traditional while being environment friendly. This options has the least carbon footprint and does not involve cutting down trees. The material used for these floors is a type of grass that grows fast and abundantly without the need for replanting. It is hard enough, durable and can last through time and are available in tiles or planks in different colors, textures and patterns.


Next to linoleum, rubber is a very cost efficient flooring option for your UK investment property. Available in varying textures, thickness, colors and styles, it is durable, resists impacts and very easy to maintain. They are sold in sheets, rolls and interlocking or glue-down tiles.