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Investment Property Hacks: Creating Space

investment-property-loftWhen it comes to any investment property, space is always an issue. We need enough of it to contain the furniture and equipment that we wish to house. We need even more to allow for mobility and ease of movement to and from one room to another, one point to the next. But we all know that maximizing space is a pretty tough job. Although challenging, there are nifty ways on how to make the task less taxing. Here’s how.

  1. Think vertically. Make sure to utilize every square inch possible not only in terms of floor area but also in wall area. For example, by creating floor to ceiling shelves and similar storage systems one can organize stuff in a relatively limited space.
  2. Use illusions. See through furnishings like glass tables as well as floor to ceiling curtains create an illusion of height and therefore trick the eye to think of bigger dimensions. The use of mirrors and other elements that reflect light also provide such illusion.
  3. Bring in the light. Adequate and proper choice of lighting can instantly magnify any room. Of course, it is crucial to take note of the function of each room when choosing the type of lighting to install. Large windows that bring in natural light will also be great.
  4. Keep it uncluttered. By displaying fewer things out, the space will appear big. One does not have to display every single piece of item they own. Use cabinets and drawers to hide unsightly stuff and to keep the room looking tidy and cohesive.
  5. Consider the loft. If the ceiling is pretty high and the property’s dimensions and structure allows it, adding a loft will instantly provide more space. For example, a loft bedroom makes it possible to have a bed up leaving the rest of the floor area free for more furniture and whatnot.
  6. Use lesser walls. Multi-functional rooms or those that have no structural divide aka walls appear larger. However if tearing down walls or the absence of them does not suit your taste, consider glass walls and dividers.
  7. Be creative with storage. One will be surprised to discover that there are so many storage possibilities in every investment property. Even the smallest of nooks can be a great storeroom of sorts. All it takes is creativity, imagination and a good carpenter.